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ICEC/Auspheno 2016 starts in...

Plants in Space

Attendees of ICEC/AusPheno 2016 are invited to attend a free lecture on growing crops in space. Speakers include Gioia Massa and Ray Wheeler from NASA and Cary Mitchell from Purdue University.

This lecture is open to the public to attend and space is limited, so if you wish to attend, you need to book a ticket.

Click here to read more about the lecture and book your ticket.


The combined 5th International Controlled Environment Conference / AusPheno 2016 will provide a unique opportunity for the Australian and International plant science community to come together over a week of talks and activities to be held in Canberra, Australia, in September 2016.

The Australasian Controlled Environment Working Group, together with controlled environment users groups in North America and the United Kingdom will hold their 5th international meeting attracting scientists, industry professionals and research operations professionals involved in the design, construction and use of controlled environments for plant research. The 2016 meeting will follow on from highly successful meetings previously held at Cambridge University and at Cape Kennedy in Florida.

AusPheno 2016 will be the 1st national plant phenomics conference organised by the Australian Plant Phenomics Facility (APPF). The APPF was established in 2007 through a $51M investment by the Australian Commonwealth Government, SA and ACT Governments, CSIRO, University of Adelaide and the Australian National University. It is an international leader in the development and application of automated image analysis, robotic and computing technologies that allow for the characterisation of extensive germplasm collections and the analysis of large breeding, mapping and mutant populations. The Australian Plant Phenomics Network will be launched during conference proceedings.

The combined conference of the two groups recognizes the strong connections in the development and utilisation of controlled environment facilities alongside the rapidly evolving scientific discipline of plant phenomics that is providing scientists with sophisticated tools supporting modern plant science research. Topics to be covered during the conference will include:


  • Developments in Controlled Environments
  • Phenomics Imaging Technologies
  • Phenomics Data Management
  • Controlled Environment Automation
  • Research in Controlled Environments and Phenomics
  • Field Phenomics
  • Light, Temperature, Humidity
  • Survey of New Controlled Environments and Phenomics Facilities
  • Vertical Farming : The Nexus between Controlled Environments, Automation and Phenomics Technologies


We invite you to be part of this significant international event and look forward to seeing during the Canberra Spring in 2016.

Yours sincerely,

Tony Agostino
Chair, Organising Committee


Conference organised in association with UK and North American controlled environment users' groups

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